green morning

I thought my "starting" post might be a good place to share how I start my day! With green green goodness. I will admit sometimes, on rainy days I prefer some oatmeal with coconut sugar and almond milk but most days this is what I have. The recipe is often dependent on what I have in my kitchen but this is essentially the way it goes:

Green Goodness
1 LARGE handful of spinach 
(you can work up to this... I started with a "pinch" heehee)
2/3-1 cup of almond milk 
(coconut water also acts as a great substitute here)
1 Banana
1 Small handful of frozen fruit
1 scoop of your favourite protein 
(I like the vega one in the first picture)
Couple Ice Cubes - depending on how cold you like it
(If you like it sweeter its best to add either agave nectar or honey over a powder sweetner)

Step 1: Always put the spinach first! It's the lightest ingredient, if you put it in last the blender turns into a spinach tornado and doesn't mix well at all. 
Step 2: Add all ingredients except the ice    
Step 3: Blend baby blend. Seriously though, let it blend for a while, this will make sure all the little leafy bits get pulverized and it will taste less and less like your drinking greens.
Step 4: Add the ice and blend for about 30 seconds more
Step 5: Pour into your favourite drinking glass
Step 6: Enjoy the green goodness that you've created!

It's really straight forward and delicious, I try and eat "clean" as often as I can but I can't eat things that don't taste good, so believe me, it's good!    

If you are interested in this whole green drink movement here are some of my trusted resources and fellow wellness warriors <3

Crazy Sexy Diet - A must read !

I hope if you read this you will try it at least once, and let me know what you think, or if you make any fun amendments to my usual recipe !

f xo   


Melanie Liliana said...

looks delish!!


Sjeezy said...

My sister and mother love you for this one, I haven't shown them.. however I have a good feeling this tastes as healthy as it looks. great post xo