green morning

I thought my "starting" post might be a good place to share how I start my day! With green green goodness. I will admit sometimes, on rainy days I prefer some oatmeal with coconut sugar and almond milk but most days this is what I have. The recipe is often dependent on what I have in my kitchen but this is essentially the way it goes:

Green Goodness
1 LARGE handful of spinach 
(you can work up to this... I started with a "pinch" heehee)
2/3-1 cup of almond milk 
(coconut water also acts as a great substitute here)
1 Banana
1 Small handful of frozen fruit
1 scoop of your favourite protein 
(I like the vega one in the first picture)
Couple Ice Cubes - depending on how cold you like it
(If you like it sweeter its best to add either agave nectar or honey over a powder sweetner)

Step 1: Always put the spinach first! It's the lightest ingredient, if you put it in last the blender turns into a spinach tornado and doesn't mix well at all. 
Step 2: Add all ingredients except the ice    
Step 3: Blend baby blend. Seriously though, let it blend for a while, this will make sure all the little leafy bits get pulverized and it will taste less and less like your drinking greens.
Step 4: Add the ice and blend for about 30 seconds more
Step 5: Pour into your favourite drinking glass
Step 6: Enjoy the green goodness that you've created!

It's really straight forward and delicious, I try and eat "clean" as often as I can but I can't eat things that don't taste good, so believe me, it's good!    

If you are interested in this whole green drink movement here are some of my trusted resources and fellow wellness warriors <3

Crazy Sexy Diet - A must read !

I hope if you read this you will try it at least once, and let me know what you think, or if you make any fun amendments to my usual recipe !

f xo   


to everyone...

To those of you who have kept TSM alive...

I thank you and I love each and every one of you for your support.
As anyone who reads the dates of my most recent posts can see they have been dismal, sporadic and only occasionally inspired. This is most likely because my “style” has changed, the things that made me hungry… “monster” like have changed somewhat dramatically in the past year.
Let me explain…

Spending hours on fashion blogs and fashion news websites used to light me up. It was the highlight of my morning and my main man, you could say, in terms of how much time I spent reading magazines, scouring the internet, eat, sleep, breathe… fashion. This is still alive and well in me, I recently went to New York for the first time and I remembered a lot of these things, but they faded when I left the city.

All of this is could have been for a variety of reasons but I think that it has mostly been because of well, yoga. Last summer I took a 200hr level teacher training with the spectacular Mona Warner and every aspect of my life changed. About 6 months after I completed my training I came to the realization that my “love of fashion” and the endless hours on the internet were an escape that I used to access a life I was interested in living rather than living the life I had. It brought about the most materialistic sides of myself and I felt lesser than for not having the same clothes or jewelry or “it” item of the season on TSM and in my life, I felt I was constantly playing catch-up. Forced inspiration is something that I have never been interested in, I would rather post nothing at all than something that doesn’t light me up… hence the lack of postage.

I have been feeling the urge to write and return to TSM just not in the same capacity. The Style Monster will now be the epicenter of all things inspiration for myself which right now consists very much of life events, health, yoga, music, everything really, fashion included! For those of you readers that are not interested in this type of blog I completely understand and thank you for sticking with me for this long! I could not have gone this long without the support. For those of you that are interested, here’s what is to come: food and health topics, yoga yoga yoga, inspirational interviews, music, bits and pieces of my life and maybe a question and answer section.

f xoxo


Alexander McQueen x Interview Magazine

Struggling through the last essay of my undergrad leads to procrastination and my stumbling across this burst of...well... all I will say is that this is probably one of my favourite editorials in the past eight months. What do you think?




Doo.Ri stunning and simple as always.


ps. I apologize for the lack of postage, the last term of university is no joke and I've come down with a cold that I'm actively trying to remedy ! 


Justin O'Shea

Small tribute to Justin O'Shea.
I'll refrain from sharing my extensive thoughts on how handsome and put together this man is, let alone that he has one of my dream jobs. 
Instead we can just look upon in awe of his presence and well... he look looks like he could whisk you away on a Harley like it was nothing ... and that is well...hot. ha.




The coats at Viktor & Rolf are killing me.
Unbelievably gorgeous. 



street frenzy



folder dump 2.0

i'm a very grateful girl today, 
what in your life makes you feel that way?




post-oscar morning

In typical fashion blogging nature, a post oscar red-carpet post is inevitable. Let me start off by saying that Gwyneth's look was by far my favourite. 
I'm not really one to speak negatively about people's fashion choices, but there was something about this years red carpet as a whole that was just a tad...off, almost as if everyone was dressing for a different event. Instead of targeting the "misses" I'll share a few more of the looks I was a fan of <3

For me... Angie looking fierce is a given. I mean, her right leg has its own twitter account.